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Monday, October 17, 2005

Ugly Americans

Posted by: Hammer / 10:03 AM

Jeebus. The world's opinion of America and Americans is heavily influenced by our television exports. The Simpsons, one of the greatest television comedies ever, is going to Egypt:

As a treat for TV viewers during the month of fasting, the Dubai-based satellite network MBC has dubbed into Arabic 30 episodes of The Simpsons and is showing them twice a day. MBC, which has heavily promoted the series, signed up several of the most popular Egyptian actors - including Mohammed Heneidi and Hanan Turk - to provide new voices for the characters.

What will they think of us now?

Sadly, the Angry Arab is not familiar enough with the Simpsons to realize he has already been lampooned. Here it is, your first Arabic Worst. Episode. Ever.:

"I watched a promo segment and it was just painful," a blogger known as The Angry Arab wrote. "They were so unfunny and so annoying, those Arab actors ... the guy who played Homer was one of the most unfunny people I ever watched. Just drop the project."


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