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Sunday, November 27, 2005

It's official

Posted by: Hammer / 6:42 PM

It's official. Brett Favre is on his way to his first losing season as a professional athlete. It's all his fault, too. It's his fault Samkon Gado and Andrae Thurman fumbled in the 4th quarter. It's his fault Tony Fisher false-started. And, of course, it's his fault that receivers dropped passes on the final drive.

Truth be told, Favre did not play well today. He competed fewer than half his passes and threw two interceptions. But the final interception (both times) was Favre begging Robert Ferguson to make a play. The first time Ferguson didn't seem to react to the ball at all. The second time Ferguson misjudged the ball badly enough that he pushed the wrong defender out of the way. You can say Favre never should have thrown the ball, but I'd rather see the Packers take one shot at the end zone rather than move another 10 yards and never take a chance at scoring. You can also say that Favre threw a bad ball. But it looked to me like Ferguson pushed the guy in front of him, while the ball ended up behind him. Which mostly means that Ferguson might've been able to make a play on the ball, or at least prevented the interception, if only he hadn't pushed the wrong guy.


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