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Friday, December 30, 2005

Not pro-life, just anti-sex

Posted by: Jambo / 4:20 PM

Here's a reminder of a story from earlier this year that I had forgotten about.

FORBIDDEN VACCINE Ever year, about 500,000 women throughout the world develop cervical cancer. In the United States alone, the disease kills about 3,700 women annually. This year, scientists developed a vaccine against human papillomavirus, a sexually transmitted disease that is the primary cause of cervical cancer. The vaccine produced 100 percent immunity in the 6,000 women who received it as part of a multinational trial. As soon as the vaccine is licensed, some health officials say, it should be administered to all girls at age 12. But the Family Research Council and other social conservative groups vowed to fight that plan, even though it could virtually eliminate cervical cancer. Vaccinating girls against a sexually transmitted disease, they say, would reduce their incentive to abstain from premarital sex.
Sometimes l you have to vehemently disagree with your political opponents and construct carefully worded arguments refuting their positions. Other times you just have to say, "Man, what a bunch of ass-holes." Let me get this straight, you could prevent the deaths of more US women annually than died on 9/11 yet you won't do it because it MIGHT make someone more likely to have sex? Man, what a bunch of ass-holes.


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