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Friday, December 23, 2005

(Y)Ek round-up

Posted by: Hammer / 4:36 PM

We've got a couple of special elections coming up in Minnesota. Republicans insist on running a candidate with a phony family for one seat. Sue Ek, the Republican candidate to represent Saint Cloud was found to be ineligible. See, there's this requirement that you live with the people you represent, and Ek lives in Saint Paul, not Saint Cloud. Missed it by that much. Shame, really.

State GOPers are following one bad Ek with another, but I don't think she'll actually be on the ballot.

Republicans, of course, are only concerned with the rule of law insofar as it applies to blow jobs. This means that following election laws is "partisan game-playing" according to state chair Ron Carey. It's almost as if the Republican party sees cheating as a birthright.

Trillin had the best take on the affair. If Ek isn't so good at reading legal documents shouldn't that disqualify her on the basis of simple competence?


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