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Friday, January 20, 2006

Reform-minded reformers reforming through reform

Posted by: Hammer / 10:51 AM

Yesterday we had a short transcription of an NPR interview with David Drier (R-CA). At one point, Drier says this:

It's important to note that we've had a $3 billion reduction under the leadership of Congressman Jerry Lewis of the earmarking process just within the last year

A little background on reforms, earmarking, and Jerry Lewis:

One day after a New York investment group raised $110,000 for Republican Rep. Jerry Lewis, the House passed a defense spending bill that preserved $160 million for a Navy project critical to the firm. The man who protected the Navy money? Lewis.

The fundraiser, which took place July 7, 2003, and the subsequent vote illustrate the kind of relationship between congressman and contributor that's under increased scrutiny in the nation's capital.

This time line is even more telling. Cerberus owned a $140 million stake in MCI/WorldCom, which is why they were lobbying Lewis to preserve the project.

Lewis was against the MCI/WorldCom spending. He took $110,000 from a group in favor of the MCI/WorldCom spending. Suddenly, Lewis was fighting tooth and nail to preserve the spending. Clearly, an ethical Titan.


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