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Monday, February 13, 2006

Pantsed by Brownie

Posted by: Hammer / 10:48 AM

Watch Sen. Smilin' Norm Coleman (R-MN) get pantsed by Brownie. All 10 minutes are important, but your local news casts did a shockingly bad job of showing the highlights. They managed to miss the key part, where Smilin' Norm bravely runs away. Picking up about 4:00 into the Crooks & Liars clip:

SMILIN' NORM: ...You didn't provide the leadership, even with structural infirmities. Strong leadership can overcome that and clearly that wasn't the case here.

BROWNIE: Well, senator, that's very easy for you to say, sitting behind that dais and not being there in the middle of that disaster, watching that human suffering and watching those people dying and trying to deal with those structural dysfunctionalities even within the federal government. And I absolutely resent you sitting here and saying that I lacked the leadership to do that, because I was down there pushing everything that I could. I've admitted to those mistakes. And if you want something else from me, put it on the table. And you tell me what you want me to admit to.

SMILIN' NORM: A little more candor would suffice.

That's where the local newscasts left off. That's the petty conflict. They skipped the pathetic resolution.

Somewhere during Brownie's indignant response, Smilin' Norm turned canary yellow. Terrified of the most famous public screw-up since Fred Merkle pulled a boner, Coleman turned tail and ran. Continuing directly:

SMILIN' NORM: Thank you madam chairwoman...

BROWNIE: How much more candor? What more candor? Ask me the question, senator. Ask me the question.

SMILIN' NORM: Thank you, but I think my time is up. Thank you madam chairwoman...


And Brownie sits there, in triumph, eager to answer the question Smilin' Norm dared not ask.

You can find a longer exchange at Fox News. Choose Video, then Coleman v. Brown. Here's a direct link to the javascript.

Let's be real clear. I loved watching Smilin' Norm get pantsed by George Galloway. I loved watching Smilin' Norm get pantsed by Michael Brown. I don't endorse Galloway. I don't endorse Brown. I simply endorse the figurative pantsing of Norm Coleman.

Again, figuratively speaking, is there anything funnier than watching a pompous bloviator, an empty suit of epic proportions, having his pants pulled down to his ankles in one swift motion before a live television audience? Provided Smilin' Norm is a boxers kind of guy, I think we've got a halftime show for Super Bowl XLI.

More on Smilin' Norm's incompetence in questioning as the week progresses. Thanks to CP at Minvolved for first alerting me to the story.


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