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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

What passes for fact

Posted by: Hammer / 4:00 PM

Sometimes Tony Perkins lies to his supporters because he wants to. Sometimes he lies because he can. Sometimes he just doesn't care whether something is true or not:

The Ugly

On the heels of yesterday's confirmation of Judge Sam Alito, the ugly nature of the fight over the courts was highlighted once again by Senator John Kerry. Senator Kerry emerged from the Senate chamber and told his allies that they failed to stop Alito because they hadn't "brought out the [expletive] knives." While we celebrate the tremendous victory of seeing Judge Alito placed on the nation's highest court, the battle is far from over. Make no mistake about it--the liberals are sharpening their knives for any future high court nominees, as well as qualified lower court nominees that are still being delayed. The importance of these judicial battles was highlighted once again yesterday as two U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals (the 2nd and the 9th) struck down the ban on Partial-Birth Abortion passed overwhelmingly by Congress. One of those cases will end up before the Supreme Court and its newest justice--Sam Alito

I searched Google News to no avail. I searched the web, to no avail. I searched the blogs and found a single source for Perkins's comment:

A friend who was standing outside the Senate floor reports that John Kerry stormed out after the vote to confirm Judge Alito and declared, furiously, that "we should have brought out the f***ing knives."

A few other blogs have picked this up. I can't tell you what John Kerry said. I've made some embarrassing factual errors myself. But when my source is a blogger's anonymous friend, I'll tell you that right up front rather than play you for fools.


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