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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Good news for Minneapolis schools

Posted by: Jambo / 4:54 PM

I'm the father of twin girls (often referred to here as the Jamboetts) who attend kindergarden at a Minneapolis public school. And a very good school at that, if you go by test scores. But I was a little concerned to find out yesterday that due to the large number of kindergarden students this year they are likely to be in a first grade class next year with 29 students and one teacher. I was worried that this meant there simply was not enough money to hire an extra 1st grade teacher or two and not enough money to ensure there was adequate classroom space to house all those kids. It turns out that my worries were unfounded since Hennepin County has just voted to raise an extra $375 million in revenue. Now we liberals don't like paying taxes any more than the next guy (we just recognize the benefits of government spending more than they do) but the beauty of this is that it is so painless, amounting to a sales tax of only 3 cents on a $20 purchase. This is one of those great win/win situations. A third of a billion dollars hires a lot of new teachers and pays for a lot of new or improved schools while tax payers hardly notice a thing. Congratulations to the 4 vote majority on the Hennepin County Board who had the foresight to make this great investment in the city and county's future!

Update: Whoops, my mistake. It turns out the funds are only to be used to buy a new baseball stadium for the Minnesota Twins. Sorry for the confusion, but I just assumed that raising that kind of money would somehow benefit the actual residents of the county and their children. I guess I heard "new facility for Minnesota twins" and thought there was something in it for my kids. Sorry to have gotten your hopes up.


Not only that, the DNR is being shut out of all of that gopher money, and the Norwegians are getting the shaft on the Viking money.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:44 PM  

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