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Friday, December 08, 2006

Legislative glass is half full

Posted by: Hammer / 10:28 AM

I've been thinking about this story. I think I probably criticized congressional Republicans in much the same way Kevin Drum and Markos describe the issue:

Finally, after weeks of anonymous leaks accusing the Clintonites of major vandalism, the director of the White House Office of Administration was forced to admit that he couldn't document any damage or repairs.

... But Republican legislators punting on half a trillion dollars worth of spending bills because they're "tired" and they want to gum up the works for the incoming Democrats? It's barely worth a yawn. Some priorities, eh?


Republicans have talked a good game about "bipartisanship", but they don't mean it. And while Pelosi changes the rules to be friendlier to the minority (draconian rules institute by the GOP to punish Democrats), Republicans are still doing what they can to frak over the incoming Democratic majority.

Congress controls the purse strings. It's one of its most important functions. Republicans should have passed the spending bills weeks ago so that federal agencies could function under normal budgets. But after years of complaining about Republican spending bills, shouldn't Democrats be rejoicing that we basically get a free year with the checkbook? Dems normally wouldn't get their first crack at a budget until October 1, 2007. Instead, they'll get to start setting funding priorities starting in January, 2007. Democrats should be excited at the opportunity to start funding the projects that matter now.


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