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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Christ-like responses

Posted by: Hammer / 12:40 PM

Here's a nomination for understatement of the year:

Miss Castle-Hughes "wasn't really Mary; she just played the part of Mary," the California pastor says, "and I don't believe you can hold her responsible for a character that would be, certainly, fitting with the character of Mary in the scripture." Reverent viewers of The Nativity Story "need to separate the reality from the acting," he contends, "and not try to mar the film because the young lady who played the role of Mary, in her own personal life, doesn't live up to the standard that Mary holds in the film itself."

It's rather unfair to hold anyone to Mary's standard, isn't it? She was, according to believers, the mother of god. Hard to believe you'll find anyone in Hollywood (or anywhere else outside of Kiln, MS) able to live up to that standard.

The article from Agape quotes Christian leaders debunking media accounts which don't actually exist:

The Christian response to these revelations have been, by some accounts, surprisingly mild. Catholic League spokesman William Donohue suggests that the secular media were expecting the Vatican and Catholic and Protestant groups around the world to withdraw their support for The Nativity Story after information about the lead actress's pregnancy came out; however, he notes that any hopes the press may have had for a "juicy story" featuring a scathing Christian backlash have been thwarted.

"Despite what some think," Donohue says, "Christians do not turn their backs on unwed mothers; they provide services for them." And, he notes, while some in the press have suggested that Vatican officials were "not thrilled" to have this behind-the-scenes development cloud their enjoyment of the Christian-themed movie, the media's implication that the Pope had snubbed the film was entirely false.

Will there be a similar call for a Christ-like response to the news that Mary Cheney is pregnant?


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