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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Online fraud

Posted by: Hammer / 9:36 AM

I'm trying to buy something for the wife. I've gone to 3 separate online stores. Each has listed the item as "in stock". One claimed to have 26 items in stock. After placing each order, the online retailer has first sent a confirmation and has then followed up to say they have now sold all their copies. (My favorite is the store claiming to have 26 in stock, which informed me that they sold out "over the weekend" -- as if there was a sudden run on this rather obscure item.)

When I get the "sorry, this is back ordered" message, I cancel the order. Before I cancel the order I go back to the product page. In every case, the item is still listed for sale and in stock. When I send my cancellation, I inform customer service the item is no longer in stock.

I've continued to follow up since Saturday, and all 3 stores continue to identify an item as "in stock" when it is not in stock. I don't have any direct damages here, but they are wasting my time by knowingly providing misleading information.

Who wants to sue on my behalf?


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