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Friday, February 16, 2007

Department of stupid complaints

Posted by: Hammer / 8:48 AM

Saw item on the City Pages Blotter. City Pages has never linked here, so I won't be linking back there. At any rate, here's the complaint:

My friend John just wrote me an irate note from Minneapolis. He'd met a friend at the Walker Art Center and after the performance ordered a single malt scotch at the restaurant 20-21. When the bill came, it listed $18 for the shot of booze and $1.50 as a "neat charge." He was outraged. "They're asking me to pay a fee for not having to put ice in single malt?" he raged.

According to the image, the scotch in question was Oban. You can buy 14 year old Oban for $50 a bottle. At 16 1.5 ounce shots in a 750 milliliter bottle, that's about $3.13 per shot. Alternatively, you can get the 32 year old Oban for $377 per bottle ($23 per shot).

John from Minneapolis was not bothered by the 500% per shot markup, but the extra $1.50 sent him over the edge. That's a stupid complaint.

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$1.50 neat charge is ridiculous but if you can afford $18 for a shot of scotch (criminally sublime scotch I'll admit) you've got no room to complain for another buck fifty.

By Blogger Jerjo/Carjo, at 3:25 PM  

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