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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Best part of day 2 -- Disneyland

Posted by: Hammer / 12:08 AM

Oh, to be sure, the best part of day 2 at Disneyland is melting rocks next to the bed. Come, sweet bourbon, and warm my fingers while you remove my cares. Other than that, the best part was this:

We finished watching the Electric Light parade (or whatever it's called), which was fun. The kids liked it, and the interaction was exciting. For them. The music, though, just goes on and on and really grinds you down. At the end of the parade we started heading for the exit so that we could catch some of the fireworks over Disneyland. We took a left to sidestep the parade route and finally escape the music. In that wonderful, eerie moment of silence, Big Sister Hammer says, "Is there a bathroom nearby?".

And the best part was, there was. Not 8 steps away was a nice, clean bathroom. Finally, a potty break at a convenient time.

Then, of course, we got caught in the post-parade foot traffic, but we still saw the fireworks and got to bed at a decent hour. We've got 250 Disney dollars that have to be spent tomorrow. They don't sell beer at Disneyland, so expect the kids to be flush with gee-gaws and mish-mash by the closing bell.



I doubt you'll have time or the inclination to make it down anywhere near San Diego on your short trip out here, but the Misses and I would love to see you and the family.


By Blogger Michael B., at 6:56 PM  

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