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Monday, May 07, 2007

The Flintstones was not a documentary

Posted by: Hammer / 8:25 AM

Dear Adrian Peterson: The Flintstones was not a documentary. Cave men did not live with dinosaurs. Also, if you reach for the moon and fall short, you won't be "among the stars". The nearest star will still be the sun and it will still be 93,000,000 miles away.

Fortunately, what I say doesn't matter. Adrian knows the power of positive thinking. Vikings fans better hope Brian Urlacher doesn't understand the universal law that "like attracts like".

The best book I ever read is called "The Secret." It's about the brain being a terrible thing to waste. It says you have to be positive about everything.

If I found a time machine, I'd go back in time to when there were cave men and dinosaurs, just to see how it worked. I would not stay too long.

I always was told to reach for the moon. I tell little kids to reach past the moon. Even if you fall short, you can still fall amongst the stars.



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