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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

If there's a funny column to be had from this he'll need someone else to write it for him

Posted by: Jambo / 12:59 PM

Firedoglake is taking it to one of the locals:

James Lileks, Mister Whiny Right-Wing Entitlement Boy, is having a hissy fit because his home perch and sugar tit, the Minneapolis StarTribune, is taking him off the right-wing blowhard beat and forcing him to — quel horreur — Do. Actual. Journalism, something he readily admits he doesn't do, has never done, and probably can't do.

How upset is he over this? Upset enough to get his good buddy and fellow wingnut-welfare recipient Hugh Hewitt to sic their combined forces of letter-writing and phone-dialing Flying Monkeys onto the Strib's unsuspecting management.

Gee, James. A rational adult would have, y'know, gone through the union instead. Oh, that's right — you're a wingnut, so unions are evil. So instead you're going to have oodles of people who never read the Strib call up to threaten to cancel their non-existent subscriptions. Wow, what a stroke of genius!

I'd feel a lot sorrier for Jimmy-Poo if he was an actual beat reporter who'd lost a job, like the few dozen folks at the Strib who've been told their services are no longer required; unlike Jimmy-Poo, they weren't given the option of being reassigned to another job within the paper. But then, the right-wingers who rail the loudest and longest against lazy selfish union employees are precisely the ones with the senses of self-entitlement bigger than the frickin' planet Saturn; they feel that they deserve more than actual twenty-year career beat reporters, because — well, just because, man!

The only saving grace about the guy is that his column in the Strib (unlike the one by Minnesota's Worst Writer™) is pretty free from his self serving right wing rants which are mostly confined to his blog. Instead, it is just plain lame, as TBogg has been fond of pointing out. I'm sure the Strib's plan is to just get him to quit (and he will not be missed) but if he doesn't jump right away we end up with "straight" news stories written by a wingnut zealot. Who needs that? Tho I can't imagine what beat they figure he is qualified for.

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