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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

If he had Libby Mae on staff this sort of thing wouldn't happen

Posted by: Jambo / 6:08 PM

Salon has an article about John Prendergast, an Africa expert who was on the National Security Council under Bill Clinton until W took over and is now at the International Crisis Group think tank. He is now a very high profile activist trying to rally support to end the crisis in Darfur and is described as "the man who explains Africa to Americans".

Prendergast winces when people remind him of it and says he actually doesn't want to be in the limelight. But somehow it happens again and again. Following his forced departure from the U.S. National Security Council, he attended a White House ceremony. Afterward, President Bush came to him, and they spoke at length. It was an interesting conversation, Prendergast says, though he was a bit surprised that the president wanted to talk to him. It wasn't until later that he found out why: Bush had mistaken him for Bono, the rock star.

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