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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Where am I?

Posted by: Hammer / 7:57 AM

I've been rather absent from 3WN for quite some time. My absence was certainly not planned. Rather, it's been a reaction to real life.

Without going in to too many details, allow me to say that Real Life sucked a lot and didn't leave me with a lot of ambition for blogging. Real Life sucks just a bit less right now, but other hurdles arose. In recent weeks, my job for the last seven years morphed into a career.

That, in itself, was depressing enough. Five and a half years of college (damn the University of Minnesota's breadth requirements!), a law degree, a quick mind, and technical savvy led me to the lowest levels of middle management. Lots more hassles, no real perks. Perhaps the soul-suckingest part of my new career is not even knowing whether I like what I'm doing.

Having a career means I'm a lot less aware of the world around me. When I read a lot, I had a lot to say. I'm reading less, and I have a lot less to say. Worse yet, by the time I have something to say, a few clicks around the Interwebs and it's plain that someone else has already said it better.

Complaints aside, I do want to follow Smilin' Norm's re-election bid -- 17 months from now. Yikes.

At any rate, I anticipate being back, sooner or later. In the meantime, my thanks to Jambo for keeping us relevant. Also, let me suggest that everyone find an RSS reader they like. There's no better way to keep track of inconsistent bloggers than a good RSS reader.



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