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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A welcome change, but advertising to kids is still evil

Posted by: Jambo / 7:38 PM

I've said before that I think the advertising industry is a social parasite, causing great damage but adding nothing of value. What really brought me to that conclusion was doing some legal work for a cereal manufacturer and seeing just what was involved in the process. With that in my background I was pleased to see this:

The Kellogg Company announced today that it will phase out advertising its products to children under age 12 unless the foods meet specific nutrition guidelines for calories, sugar, fat and sodium.

Kellogg also announced that it would stop using licensed characters or branded toys to promote foods unless the products meet the nutrition guidelines.

That's good news but I'm not convinced the cereal companies won't manipulate the requirements enough to make this at best an incremental change. But incremental change is still change and it's nice to see that there are groups out there (see rest of the article) that find the marketing to children as offensive as I do.

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