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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Maybe the big name schools aren't doing such a great job after all

Posted by: Jambo / 1:29 AM

The new governor of Louisiana:

The ascendancy of the Brown- and Oxford-educated Mr. Jindal, ... His social-conservative message — teaching “intelligent design” as an alternative to evolution in public schools...
While the state that gave us David Duke is no doubt just fine with him I'm guessing Brown and Oxford are a little embarrassed today.
He takes over what is now the nation’s poorest, most uneducated...state.
Guess that explains it.
Mr. Jindal has promised to focus resources on the state’s ports, roads and research universities
I hope they report back to him what they find out about intelligent design.

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May he be stricken down by a antibacterial-resistant bacteria.

I wish an enterprising legislator would introduce a bill demanding that astrology be taught as an alternative to astronomy and physics.

By Blogger suddenlysouth, at 11:48 PM  

That would be a good counter attack--every time an ID bill is introduced offer amendments adding astrology.

By Blogger Jambo, at 9:31 AM  

Nothing in the article suggests that he is racist. Why the reference to David Duke? Guilt by association?

By Anonymous therealrepublican, at 11:54 AM  

Not only is he not racist (that I know of) but part of what makes his election newsworthy is that he is Indian. I mentioned Duke as an illustration that you can hold some pretty outlandish conservative views and still get elected in LA.

By Blogger Jambo, at 1:16 PM  

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