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Monday, February 04, 2008

What to do tomorrow, what to do?

Posted by: Jambo / 9:45 PM

My caucus is tomorrow night and I have vacillated on this race for months. I was an Obama fan as soon as I heard him at the 2004 convention but eventually found myself leaning towards Hillary this year. But as the caucus date got closer I still was not really sure and finally decided I was going to go with Edwards since I was closer to him on the issues. And with the Minnesota caucus moved up I was going to finally, FINALLY, get to vote for my first choice for a change. I never got that chance with Gary Hart, Bob Kerry, Bruce Babbit or Wesley Clark, but this year... But of course, true to form, it was not to be. So the last few days I've been in a quandary. So I took the Jerjo approach and asked myself, what would the crew of the Starship Enterprise do? Dr. McCoy would definitely be an Obama man, while I'm sure Spock would be supporting Hillary. Kirk, I'm afraid to say, might be leaning towards McCain. Screw the Prime Directive! (Picard? I'm sure that wanker is going to support whoever the Tories run against Gordon Brown.)

So where does that leave me? I think I will likely support Obama tomorrow night. I'm a little worried about him, tho. He seems to be running to the right of Hillary and I fear the Republican slime machine (you know, the thing that convinced half the public that a three time purple heart winner was more of a coward than the man who went AWOL from the Texas Air National Guard) will eat him alive. I think Hillary would be a more effective president, get more accomplished, and be able to go toe to toe with the toughest bastards the Rs can throw at her. But I have spent my entire adult life supporting who I thought was the most capable and intelligent candidate only to see the Republicans win by running some amiable dunce. (Obama is by no means a dunce. You don't get to be Harvard Law Review Editor without being pretty darn bright. Hillary, however, is smarter still.) So maybe it's time to give charisma a try. And maybe slime doesn't stick to someone people (and importantly, the press) actually likes. We'll see.

(Oh, and the rest of the crew? Uhura speaks Swhahili so I'm sure she's in the Obama camp. Scotty was a Biden man, Chekov was too. Sulu supported Kucinich and Nurse Chapel strikes as a woman with a thing for Chris Dodd. Yoeman Rand I'm sorry to say lies awake at night fantasizing that Rudy Giuliani will take her up to his Ground Zero love nest and unbraid her hair. All the guys in red shirts don't get to caucus since they're stuck in Iraq. The M113 Creature (aka salt vampire) is not just supporting Fred Thompson, it IS Fred Thompson. The horta is of course all for Huckabee, gotta protect them silicon I mean, babies! I don't usually bother myself with thoughts about TNG but I'm sure Wesley Crusher is out stumping for Mitt Romney.)

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I'm pretty sure I saw Spock at the "Vulcans for Ron Paul" rally. He was playing his lute, singing "We Shall Overcome the Federal Reserve and the IRS."

By Blogger Joseph, at 9:08 AM  

You should cast a ballot for Huckabee. Either dem option is better than him.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:36 AM

I'm just saying.

By Anonymous LMB, at 1:59 PM  

That's not Wesley Crusher, that's just some 20th century actor.

By Blogger Jambo, at 10:19 PM  

I'm finding that I'm quite irritated with myself over the fact that I grokked almost every Star Trek reference you stuffed into this post.

Difficulties living down my tortured adolescence aside, I share your disappointment over Edwards' withdrawl just a day after visiting Minnesota. He surely would have met the 15% threshold here.

Ultimately I supported Obama in the Presidential preference ballot, in spite of my concerns about his energy policy, and I have three thoughts bouncing around in my head that moved me in that direction.

#1: Obama motivates Dems. While the same could be said about Bush's last 7 years, it's undeniable that Obama has an ungodly amount of charisma points on his character sheet. Obama's appeal can increase turnout. Increased turnout means that there will probably be more voters who vote a straight Democratic ticket. This could be a tremendous asset in gaining a substantial majority in both houses, to say nothing about local government as well. I just don't see the same charm coming from Hillary, which leads to...

#2: The right has invested almost two decades into creating an art form out of demonizing anything related to Clinton. While it's completely unfair, Hillary entered this race with her last name being a four letter word in a substantial number of American households. I don't care if Hillary walks on water, if she holds her hand up and wills a phalanx of bullets to stop mid-flight, or if she chops the heads off of all the other Immortals. She is seen as a demon by many conservatives, and if she is the nominee, their irrational hatred for her will turn them out in droves to vote against her, in spite of whatever apathy they have for their own candidates.

#3: In contrast to Hillary, the right doesn't seem to know how to attack Obama, and I've heard at least one talking head say as much on the record. The traditional Rovian stratagy has been to attack the strength of the opponent, but Obama's biggest assets in this race seem to be his optimism, his personality, and his mixed ethnic background. The first are difficult to articulate an argument against, the last is easy, but using it would be political suicide...hell, political genocide, if they attacked his race. Running a whisper campaign in the South that Obama fathered a black baby just wouldn't have the same effect it had on McCain the last time it was used.

So those are my thoughts. I'll be back in about 18 months to post another comment.

By Blogger Nyarlathotep, at 3:03 AM  

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