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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Starbucks goes to Munich, declares peace in our time in war on Xmas

Posted by: Jambo / 10:22 PM

TBogg discovers how marketers avoid the (stupid) "War on Christmas" issue:

[At Starbucks] we were given our choice of either the Christmas Blend or the Holiday Blend.

"What's the difference?"

"There isn't one. It's the same coffee. We also have a de-caf version (green packaging) for Mormons."

I swear to Jeebus, he actually said that.

Meanwhile Kung Fu Monkey, in his brilliantly titled "I saw you looking at Agnosticism's ass" sees Congress passing the Jesus is Just All Right Act and thinks Christianity is only a step away from going all Fatal Attraction on someone's ass:

You know, for a religion that survived centuries of persecution under the greatest Empire in existence, and then went on to convert billions of people over the following centuries, and is so entrenched as a moral framework in America that every Presidential candidate (hell, 99% of politicians in general) has to claim to be not just a follower but a devout follower ...

... Christianity's been acting kind of needy lately. Like, "crazy girlfriend who suddenly believes you're thinking about how to pack your shit in ways she won't notice and sneak it out to the car, and so perversely thinks the way to keep you from bolting is to demand you tell her she's super pretty every hour, which, ironically, is what actually prompts you into thinking about packing your shit, even though you weren't before but now ..." needy.

"Man, Atheism's boyfriend gets to go out when ever he wants and even got to put up his old Batman poster in the living room."

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