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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Inhofe is an idiot, but we don't have to make stuff up

Posted by: Hammer / 7:59 AM

I watched the ad, I don't think Sen. Inhofe is suggesting Iraq is in Africa. One transcription is this:

Ethiopia, Zambia, Iraq. 29 intense trips in 12 years to the front — to the saddest parts of Africa – to quietly get to know the leaders.

But I would punctuate that somewhat differently, based on the audio:

Ethiopia, Zambia, Iraq. 29 intense trips in 12 years. To the front. To the saddest parts of Africa. To quietly get to know the leaders.

I think the commercial is describing the trips to Iraq as trips "to the front". Trips to Ethiopia and Zambia are to the "saddest parts of Africa". The scrolling text includes places like "Bosnia" as well. I think it's pretty clear that Inhofe is touting his trips both "to the front" -- places where U.S. soldiers have been engaged in combat -- and to Africa. Places known, apparently, for being sad.


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