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Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Posted by: Hammer / 12:14 PM

David Horowitz has this new site dedicated to exposing the liberal "network". Prominent liberals include...well, you really should just follow the link the see how low political discourse has sunk. (Hint: it involves Ayatollah Khomeini and Barack Obama).

Dude. I thought that link was bad. But this java applet is deeply offensive. You learn that Al Qaeda has a direct tie to the Global Relief Foundation. The Global Relief Organization has direct ties to the ACLU, Global Exchange, and Amnesty International. I buy my coffee through Global Exchange. Therefore, I am 5 degrees removed from Osama Bin Laden (Bin Laden --> Al Qaeda --> Global Relief Foundation --> Global Exchange --> Rich, delicious, organic, shade-grown coffee beans.) Horowitz doesn't actually describe any link between the Global Relief Foundation and Global Exchange, but the innuendo is certainly sinister.


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