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Friday, May 13, 2005

When Jesus saw there was not enough to feed the multitude he grabbed his credit card and ran off to the bakery with a quick stop at the fish market

Posted by: Jambo / 5:08 PM

From the NYT
Many cardinals took up the cause, and there have been various reports of possible miracles attributed to John Paul, one necessity for being proclaimed a saint. Among them came from an Italian cardinal, Francesco Marchisano, who said his vocal chords had been paralyzed by a medical error. "One day I found myself at lunch with the pope, and I explained to him - I showed him - that I couldn't talk," Cardinal Marchisano said in a telephone interview. "He came over to me and he caressed my throat, like a brother, like the father that he was." "After that I did seven months of therapy and I was able to speak again," he said. Asked if it was because of a miracle, he said: "It could be. All the saints have powers."


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