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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

European vacation

Posted by: Hammer / 8:44 AM

I guess I never considered that Southern Baptists would send missionaries to Western Europe:
A Southern Baptist missionary stationed in Madrid, Spain, contends that Western Europe is currently the hardest mission field on Earth. Chad, a 32-year-old Christian worker abroad, says the hostility to Christianity has become so severe in Europe that he does not want his last name published.

Chad is responsible for ministering to missionary children throughout Western Europe and for taking part in evangelistic efforts. He says it is a tough place to share the gospel and when he approaches people, a typical response is, "Oh, we already know about all that. We don't need it."

The region is marked by "a spiritual deadness that you can't believe," Chad notes. "To me it's the hardest mission field on the planet right now. I think about Ephesians 6, where Paul talks about [how] we're fighting a spiritual battle. And the battle lines are drawn in Western Europe, especially with all the immigrants there."

I met a few missionaries in Siberia, but I kinda figured that residents of the former Holy Roman Empire had already been exposed to the Word.


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