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Monday, June 13, 2005

Minnesota’s Worst Writer ™

Posted by: Jambo / 4:10 PM

I’m back after two weeks out of town and I see not much has changed with Minnesota’s Worst Writer ™ other than a new photo:

Amazing what a good colonic wash and several hours of PhotoShop can accomplish. Tho that look of relief may have less to do with a good long dump than with the first Strib paycheck having cleared. I’m sure that until the money actually showed up she wondered if she really could get paid for the swill she passes off as writing.

Personally, I preferred the original: kerstenold.jpg

As usual, today she is pimping some worthless Republican line, this time in the form of that homophobic prig Michelle Bachman. I won’t link to the article itself because frankly it’s even more vacuous than normal for KK and while it is a suitable vehicle for reminding everyone of the death of local journalistic standards it is not in anyone’s interest to actually read. Long (poorly written) story short: people are sometimes mean to Michelle Bachman and KK thinks this means the left is “intolerant”. It actually means no such thing. The reaction anyone with sense has to Bachman is simply the typical bodily reaction to the presence of an unwanted parasite.

Sorry, KK just naturally brings out the gastro-intestinal analogies in me.


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