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Saturday, August 27, 2005

I, me, I am the God!

Posted by: Hammer / 8:12 AM

From the latest FRC missive:

Reports that they back a nationwide ban on "human cloning" were deceptive, however. Under California's plan only "reproductive" cloning would be barred, while "somatic cell nuclear transfer" to create new sources of stem cells would be allowed. One problem: SOMATIC CELL NUCLEAR TRANSFER IS CLONING! Also called "therapeutic cloning", it still creates a cloned human embryo, a new human life.

(Emphasis in original)

I so often forget the fragility of some evangelicals. If biological evolution occurs, they can't believe in the Bible. Each time a stem cell line is therapeutically cloned, a new life is created to be destroyed. That's bad. But only God creates life, so we've also got new gods. And that's far the worse, isn't it? A new pantheon of lab-coated gods, wielding their Bunsen burners of justice and the ir beakers of forgiveness in the 9th grade chemistry lab of your heart.


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