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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

November elections

Posted by: Hammer / 10:07 AM

We're only three weeks away from elections and I haven't said word one about the mayoral races in Minneapolis or Saint Paul. I expect Jambo to work up some interest in the Minneapolis race, but I don't know that anyone here will have much to say about the Coleman-Kelly showdown in Saint Paul. Other than that recent trends predict that Coleman will win the election, endorse Bill Frist for President in '08, and officially switch parties in '09. Or so.

The big issue in ISD 196 is the renewal of a $106 per student level and the extension of a $500 per pupil levy for another 8 years. I'm about equally certain of two facts: schools can be run more efficiently with less money spent on administration and more money spent in classrooms and schools need more money after years of stagnant or declining budgets. (I'm probably in the slim minority on this, but I'm staunchly opposed to most of the teaching tools in the classroom. Almost everything I've learned in life has come from a person or a book. I'd rather see more teachers and fewer computers in schools. Maybe that's arrogant and selfish of me because my kids have a computer at home and I had computers at home when I was a kid.)

Anyway, I plan to vote to raise my taxes to pay for schools. Seems like a no brainer to me.

What race, then, is there to be excited about? David Ashe is running for Congress in the Virgina's second 2006. There is an interesting race this year in red state Virginia. The candidates for governor in Virginia are neck-and-neck with the election just 20 days off. Republican Jerry Kilgore had a 10 point lead not so long ago, but Democrat Timothy Kaine has been making steady progress. One to watch come November 8.


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