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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Plame investigation: enough already

Posted by: Hammer / 1:47 PM

I was officially bored with the Plame investigation at lunch. Now I'm actively agitated. Greg Saunders blogging at This Modern World has speculated a bridge too far:

Isn't it equally plausible that both of these stories tell different sides of the same story? Let's assume for a moment that Murray Waas' sources didn't lie to him about what Bush and Rove told Fitzgerald. If that's the case and today's story is also true, then we've got a President who's in "cover your ass" mode. Regardless of whether or not the President was under oath, lying to federal prosecutors seems like a pretty clear case of obstruction of justice.

Of course, proving the President's involvement is another matter entirely. Can Fitzgerald prove that the President lied? If the rumors are correct that someone in the Administration has "flipped", then there's a good chance that the President's "displeasure" towards Rove was well known within the White House. After all, this is a President who wears his heart on his sleeve getting pissed at his most trusted advisor over an issue that everyone was talking about. This wouldn't just get the rumor mill buzzing, but would likely lead to some communications within the White House about the President wanting everyone to get their shit together. Remember, the big news out of today's scoops isn't just when the President found out but his anger that his team "did a clumsy job". A single saved email along these lines and some fibbing by the President about what he knew and when he knew it could be all the rope Fitzgerald needs to hang Bush out to dry.

Enough wishful thinking. Enough revenge fantasies. Enough of enough, already.

Bush will not be impeached. Bush will not be indicted. The noose will not tighten. Almost everything liberals are now hoping for WILL NOT HAPPEN. There is no karma, no kismet, no reaping what you sow. Best accept that now rather than filling your fridge with bottles of bubbly you're never going to open.


Please tell me that at least one person will be frog marched somewhere!

By Blogger Jambo, at 3:15 PM  

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