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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Local elections

Posted by: Hammer / 9:18 AM

Lots of good news nationally for Democrats this year. Virginia, New Jersey, and California all sided with the forces of truth, light, and justice. Locally, the two big mayoral races featured DFLers running against DFLers. That's a no-lose proposition for Democrats. The only surprise was the vigor with which Saint Paulites repudiated Randy Kelly.

ISD 196 approved three levies. A strong majority renewed a $106 per pupil levy for 10 years. 59% approved extending an existing $500 per pupil levy another 8 years. 54% approved a new $430 per pupil levy. The net effect is to increase our levy by $430 per pupil this year over last year. My older daughter has 21 students in her kindergarten class and complains that they never get "free time" because some of the kids refuse to follow instructions. I voted for the increased levy in the hope that the increased funds could be used to reduce class sizes so Big Sister Hammer could have "free time". Or, better yet, an enrichment program.

The local paper's unscientific poll showed 36% opposed to all 3 levies, which would result in a reduction of $106 per pupil next year over this year.

Happily, Circle Pines has voted to allow liquor sales on Sunday. With the way the Packers are playing, I'll need all the booze I can get for the next 8 Sundays.


The Democrat "sweep" is a creation of the liberal media.

In Saint Paul, a union democratic city, ANY democrat who supported ANY republican president would have been smoked. If Kelly had become a republican and received the support of the Republican Party he probably still would have lost in the DFL fever swamp that is Saint Paul, but the margin of defeat would have been respectable.

The libs took it on the chin on Ohio where all of the Move On initiatives were defeated. The also got burned in Texas were the voters successfully defended the institution of marriage. San Diego elected a republican mayor.

Did you really think New Jersey was going to elect a Republican governor? Virginia had a democrat hold an office occupied by a democrat. People essential just voted for the status quo.

On the local front, in liberal New Brighton the two unabashedly conservative candidates took nearly 80% of the vote in a 3-candidates-for-2-seats race with a 6 year incumbent flaming liberal.

Bottom line, not a great day for republicans, but also a ho-hum one for democrats. Definitely was NOT a referendum, pro or con, on President Bush.

By Blogger Right Hook, at 6:23 PM  

Quick update: the "liberal media" now inclues (apparently) the Washington Times and Douglas R. Forrester (R-NJ).

By Blogger Hammer, at 11:04 AM  

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