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Monday, January 23, 2006

Man with shovel debunks years of thought, theory, research

Posted by: Hammer / 3:27 PM

Evolution? Totally fake. How do I know? I asked this guy with a shovel:

Peter DeRosa says the family has found many prehistoric remains that back up the Bible's account of creation, but nothing that favored Darwinist claims. "When we go out and we dig up fossils, we don't see different layers of different animals that support the evolutionist-type view," he asserts, "but we actually see animals that stay within their kind."

Among the remains the family of prehistory buffs have found, DeRosa continues, "we do not find transitional-form fossils. In all the years that we've been excavating, we have never found a transitional-form fossil changing into another animal."

Instead, the Creation Expeditions spokesman says, the fossils he and his family members have found have generally supported the Genesis account of Noah's flood. For instance, he notes that his family has found fossils of modern-day animal species side by side with dinosaur footprints and has even unearthed dinosaur skin, which he believes constitutes proof that the fossil -- and by extrapolation, the Earth -- could not be millions of years old, as many members of the scientific establishment claim. The DeRosas are among a growing number of creationists who contend that the Earth is not millions but only thousands of years old.

This one time, playing Animal Crossing, I dug up a fossil for a Wooly Mammoth. And this other time, also playing Animal Crossing, I dug up a fossil for a T Rex in almost the exact same spot! So, clearly, in Animal Crossing, there is no evolution.

I wonder, though, whether the DeRosas' fossils are marked with a X so you know where to dig, like in Animal Crossing? That would make paleontology, like, totally easier.


I thougth that someone in your house hoarded all of the tools. its amazing you had something to dig with

By Anonymous tard patch, at 7:59 AM  

I've got one who hoards tools and two who hoard dresses and parasols. It's hard to be me.

By Blogger Hammer, at 8:08 AM  

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