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Friday, January 20, 2006

This should settle that

Posted by: Hammer / 1:01 PM

There are results in the Iraq elections:

An alliance of Shia parties won the most seats in the Iraqi elections but did not secure enough to govern without a coalition, it was confirmed today.

The United Iraqi Alliance won 128 of Iraq's 275 parliamentary seats - 10 short of the number needed to win an overall majority in the December 15 poll.

Sadly, as the democratic process advances, the violence continues. 23 dead in Baghdad yesterday. 50 dead the day before. 18 dead on Tuesday. On the bright side, though, Iraq is a nation of 26 million. So at this week's death rate, a random Iraqi would have a 99.96% chance of surviving the year without being killed by insurgents. Who wouldn't like those odds?

Put into an American perspective, it's the mathematical equivalent of only 127,000 Americans dying in a year. Would very many Americans across this great land even notice if Eagan and Coon Rapids were wiped out?


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