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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Vista: "A distant view or prospect"

Posted by: Hammer / 8:29 AM

The blood-sucking extortionists-by-software have announced that Vista, the next Windows iteration has been delayed from 2006 to 2007.

Vista will then be rolled out for consumers after the holiday shopping season, said a spokesman for Microsoft - the world's biggest software maker.

But analysts said this could throw some PC manufacturers and retailers into turmoil.

"It's not the optimal situation, to be launching the next-generation version of Windows right after the big holiday sales season," said analyst Joe Wilcox at Jupiter Research.

Efforts to improve security in the new system were largely behind the delay, Microsoft said.

I'm a Linux guy for a reason. Apple makes some fine products, but I prefer my way to the One True Path reduced to the One True Button. Microsoft's XP works better than any of their operating systems since DOS 6.2, but I'm still not a fan. Microsoft's bundled software -- Internet Explorer, Media Player, Movie Maker -- is trash. The commercial software bundled with my hardware -- mostly from ULead (hey, ULead -- USuck!) is marginally better. In fact, I've found that free software works far better, is more reliable, is far faster, and has better support than the commercial software for XP.

The latest Microsoft delay amuses me a bit, because it means Microsoft is screwing their vendors and their customers for Christmas this year. Good luck with that.


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