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Monday, November 06, 2006

Oh, Strib, how you make me laugh

Posted by: Hammer / 7:44 AM

The Strib sports pages alternate between prim indignation and fantastic homerism. We're at the halfway mark in the season. My club, the Packers, are at 3-5 and coming off a bad loss caused by 4 Brett Favre turnovers. The local club, the Vikings, are at 4-4, and couldn't find the end zone with a team of geocachers with smell hounds. No winners there. But the real loser is Mark Craig -- recall this from Sep. 3:

The Vikings have the worst backup quarterback situation in the NFC North. Then again, they also have the most stable starting quarterback situation in the division.

They're also the only team in the North that has no hint of having to experience the dreaded and divisive quarterback controversy, either now or at some point this season. And, yes, that includes Green Bay.

At the halfway point, the only team with a hint of having to experience the dreaded and divisive quarterback controversy is the Vikings.

Now comes Judd Zulgad to fight Craig for supremacy in ignorance. Zulgad wrote yesterday:

If Hicks did take a peak at the schedule -- and it's only human nature to do so -- he would see that, beginning today, the Vikings embark on a four-game stretch that could very well put them at 8-3 entering a Dec. 3 game against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field.

Hold on, you say? How can one make such a statement after the Vikings' 24-point loss Monday night at home to New England. Well, consider the next four foes a chance for the Vikings to get well quick. Really quick.

...Barring a complete meltdown, the Vikings' major obstacle in the month of November could end up being overconfidence.

The Vikings major obstacle in the month of November is that they aren't very good. To be fair, the Packers, Cardinals, and Dolphins aren't very good either.

Here's the difference. If you want to write that the Vikings have to win these games to contend for the playoffs, that's reasonable and appropriate. But to try to pimp drama in a Dec. 3 game by assuming 4 consecutive victories is plain silly. How silly? If the Packers win their next 4 games, they'll be ahead of the Vikings in the standings. And we all know that's not going to happen.


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