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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Way better than the MPR free gifts

Posted by: Jambo / 1:06 PM

Al Franken started a PAC a while ago that he calls the Midwest Values Pac. He raised $1 million in pretty short order for a ton of different candidates across the country and is now making one last pitch for donations before the election. If I had an extra $500 to donate (I've shelled out a fair amount already this year and hope you all have too) I think I might just go for Al's current offer:

And, as a special incentive, I'm offering the most valuable thing I have to offer: me, yelling at your obnoxious conservative friend on your behalf. If you contribute at least $500 to Midwest Values PAC, I will personally call a right-wing pal of your choosing between now and Election Day and tell them why the Democratic Party represents a better vision for America's future, or at least one in which fewer Congressmen go to prison. If they resist, I'll confront them with my trademark brand of scorn and ridicule.

The way I see it, you all have been doing great work helping MVP to support progressive candidates nationwide. But the only thing more fun than supporting progressives is turning conservatives into progressives. Or making fun of them. And I hope I get a chance to yell at many of your friends between now and Election Day.


Al Franken


I think that's hilarious. If only I had another $500. And some right-wing friends. Maybe I could get him to call some of my Socialist in-laws and get them to cast a vote that counts for a change.


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