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Thursday, June 28, 2007

The same f'n 5

Posted by: Jambo / 1:52 PM

Two more crappy 5-4 Supreme Court decisions out today, here and here. I guess that's what happens when you only elect one Democratic president every 27 years. It's not like we need to rehash the "not a dime's worth of difference" argument but is there a single voter left from 2000 that thinks a court with a couple Gore appointees on it would have ruled this way? It's small solace, but it says something about the resilience of (generally) liberal legal principles that even tho Democrats have only appointed two Supreme Court justices in the last 40 years these decisions are still coming in with a bare one vote majority. On the down side, barring a bad case of tainted sushi at Tony Scalia's next birthday party, we'll be getting the same majority for the foreseeable future as none of the 5 look like they're going anywhere.


And yes, they did also decide today that we maybe shouldn't execute insane people (or at least one particular insane person) but that was only because Kennedy defected to the "liberals". The rest of the Fascist Five were gung ho to snuff a guy who thinks

“The Devil has been trying to rub me out to keep me from preaching.” He tried to strip off his prison uniform to show scars from burns that he said John F. Kennedy healed with coconut milk after the sinking of Kennedy’s torpedo boat in the Pacific in World War II.

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