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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Michele Bachmann, reporters, & YouTube

Posted by: Hammer / 7:22 AM

The Strib has a profile of Michele Bachmann in today's edition:

Bachmann, 51, has been here barely six months, a quarter of a term that began with harsh headlines. She was widely mocked after the State of the Union address for gripping President Bush's shoulder as firmly as a mother at Target, then later for confidently claiming to know about an Iranian plan to partition Iraq.

She offers no apologies, but the incidents have made her more wary, more conscious that video cameras and YouTube have an audience, and that the blogosphere has a taste for blood.

Dear Star Tribune -- Bachmann's comments about a secret Iranian plan to partition Iraq were made in a conference call with reporters. It's not on YouTube. Did bloggers pick up on the story? Sure, yes. Of course. Because a U.S. congresswoman was claiming that she was aware of a secret Iranian plan to partition Iraq and give safe haven to terrorists.

It was news. Big news. Sorry you missed it.

This is weird -- on page A17 of my paper, there's a photo of Bachmann celebrating her daughter's 13th birthday. On the left of the photo is a kid wearing a shirt that says "BON_". I thought, what's that? BONO, most likely. Maybe BONG, but that'd be odd. I checked out the online slideshow which features a number of photos not included in the print version, but doesn't have the birthday party photo.

I guess we'll never know whether the kid likes bad pop and debt relief or the reefer.



I think it may have been "Bon 3:16". Did the kid have a rainbow afro wig?

By Blogger Jambo, at 2:52 AM  

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