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Friday, December 31, 2004

Name calling

Posted by: Hammer / 10:42 AM

Pa. Seeks to Revise 'Cyberschool' Law:
Amid criticism of the arrangement (Santorum's children were enrolled in a cyberschool in a district in which they did not reside), Santorum agreed to withdraw his children from the cyberschool and resume homeschooling them. Neither the cyberschool nor the senator has offered to reimburse the school district, and Santorum has said he did nothing wrong.
Most zealots are afraid of exposing their children to what became known during the age of enlightenment as "ideas". Most parents have some concern about schoolyard teasing when naming their children. Santorum faces the worst of both worlds. His children might learn that there's a difference between a homosexual relationship and, say, "man on dog" sex, a truly dangerous idea if I ever heard one. Even worse, his children might learn what their last name has come to mean.


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