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Monday, May 23, 2005

Rapture Monday: From the Campuses to the Courts

Posted by: Hammer / 2:54 PM

The Rapture Index stands at 149: Fasten Your Seatbelts. Finally, the Bush administration's massive trade and current accounts deficits accomplish something good. Somehow "The U.S. federal and trade deficit hit new highs" makes the Rapture Index fall by one point. Whatever. Here's hoping I get to see both Sisters Hammer graduate kindergarten before the end times -- even though I strongly oppose the notion that anyone "graduates" from kindergarten. Let's save the accolades and parties for genuine accomplishment, shall we?

So, what are the Religiously Correct upset about this week? Same things as always.

College campuses are breeding grounds for leftists. Yep. According to Agape, "While American universities may proclaim diversity as an exalted value, a recent study shows that the only freedom of thought that really exists on campus is "to believe the dominant political ideology. Other ideologies are marginalized." The study is here (PDF). Unlike most such studies, it's not written with all the care and attention of a blog post. The authors surveyed six social science and humanities associations and came to the conclusion that liberals outnumber conservatives by a vast number in academia. Here's what interests me: "The percentages [surveyed who] report[ed working as an] academic were Anthropology 73.1 percent, Economics 48.5 percent, History 71.4 percent, Philosophy 76.6 percent, Political Science 86.4 percent, and Sociology 74.9 percent. Our analysis is confined to the academics."

I wonder how the survey responses broke down for non-academics. I suspect that the numbers were similar off-campus and on-campus for two reasons. One, because that data is not reported. Two, because people who study anthropology tend not to vote Republican. In fact, most people interested in any science -- social or otherwise -- tend not to vote Republican. That's one of the consequences of a 20 year campaign against science and intellectualism.

Hollywood hates Christians. This time, it's Ridley Scott's Kingdom of Heaven:

Kingdom of Heaven's director has admitted his bias against Christian fundamentalists, Baehr says, and the characterizations in the movie are obviously designed to show the filmmaker's dislike for that group. So, the Christian Film & Television Commission chairman contends, those who go to see Ridley Scott's new film can expect to sit through plenty of politically-correct portrayals of Christians and Muslims -- and a lot of revisionist history about the crusades as well.
A separate article asks this question:
Despite the fact that there are no reasonable, compassionate Christians in Kingdom of Heaven, the story is so heavy-handed in this regard that it actually opens up opportunities for dialogue. There is no need to be defensive, immediately launching into all of the good Christians have done over the centuries. Christians can go with their non-Christian friends to Kingdom of Heaven and when the lights come up, they can ask a simple question: "Do you know anyone who thinks that Christians are really like that?"
I do. Ann Coulter: "We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity."

Dear Christians: Take your faith back from those who spread evil in your name. Start with Ann Coulter and Jerry Falwell. I have more suggestions if you want them. Love, Hammer.

Judges are the new Klan. This is sadder than usual. Bishop Harry R. Jackson:

The advocates for issues like same-sex marriage cannot find popular support to change the long-standing institutions of our land, Therefore they are using the back door in what I'm going to call 'legal sleight of hand' in order to get their way. ... Years ago there were people in the South who wore white robes and white hoods. They intimidated many ethnic groups and other groups. Today I believe that black-robed vigilantes are operating in the guise of American tradition, and they have taken away the true rights on an entire culture.
Bishop Jackson needs to spend more time listening to his heart and less time listenting to James Dobson.

In previous posts this week, we learned:


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