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Monday, May 23, 2005

Taxpayers League (non-smoking section)

Posted by: Hammer / 8:34 AM

The DFL really missed the boat in proposing a modest tax increase on the highest income earners in Minnesota. In policy terms, I have no objection. But Tim Pawlenty has now decided that a tax is only a tax when it is called a tax. A tax by any other name costs just as much. In this case, the Health Impact Fee will cost Minnesota Smokers $380 million over the next two years. I suspect smokers will find the fee rather taxing.

I therefore suggest that the Minnesota Senate get back at it today and repeal Minnesota's entire income tax and replace it with a user's fee on income. The Senate bill most include the words "bipartisan" and "compromise" in the title. Maybe the ABCDE Fee Act: Another Bipartisan Compromise Dedicated to Education Fee Act.

MN Publius notices the same thing.

Update Minnesota Politics and Minnesota Republican Watch have weighed in on the non-tax tax. Minnesota Politics says:
But it's not going to work. Governor Paw-lenty, Taxpayers League lapdog, just piddled all over David Strom's living room rug. But he's hanging his head and whimpering, and looking up at David with his sad eyes, saying, "Please don't punish me." Good luck with that.


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