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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Most important issue of the last 18 months

Posted by: Hammer / 8:26 AM

Take a minute and think -- of all the issues unresolved in the last 18 months, which one do you care about the most? Which really affect Americans? The FRC reminds us of perhaps the most important issue of all: Janet Jackson's boobies:

It is hard to believe it has been eighteen months since singer Janet Jackson exposed herself before a national Super Bowl audience. It is even harder to believe that it has been ten months since the 2004 election--widely seen as a major victory for "values voters," who returned to Washington an incumbent President and a number of new pro-family politicians. In February of this year the U.S. House of Representatives moved quickly to pass the Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act, which would increase fines for indecency over the public airwaves. Since then there has been no action on the legislation in the Senate, despite overwhelming public support.

To be absolutely fair, the FRC is not making this their number one issue. That's still John Roberts. But without this reminder, who would care about Jackson? Without this email, who would know about the struggling legislation? Who thinks this is more important than (in no particular order) health care, education, pension protection, air pollution, the war in Iraq, terrorism, and everything else we've discussed here in the last 18 months. Jeebus Criminey, reforming the UN is more important than this clap trap non-issue.


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