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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Some days I love DirecTV

Posted by: Hammer / 12:07 PM

We've got the DirecTV at home, so we get the NFL channel, so I get to watch the Packers practice. Fun. For me. And, I get the new Current, Al Gore's "youth TV" channel. Here's the hook: the Current (TV) will broadcast user-created video:

Current's website will offer editing software and tutorials for viewers to post their videos on the site. A vote will pick the best ones to be shown on TV.

It's time to round up my 5th grade newspaper, B's Booth's Best Business, and enter the exciting world of amateur news video: all the subtlety of Oliver Stone mixed with the expertise of an ill-trained chimpanzee. I predict a car wreck fun to view from a safe distance.

...It'll be like a blog, but with moving pictures...


I, as a DISH Network customer and employee, also have the NFL Network. And I absolutely love the Packers, loved watching them in HD during the Super Bowl this last weekend. Thankfully my DISH remote was pretty durable because I ended up throwing it across the room during the 3rd quarter but you'll ahve that. Anyway, DISH offers the same quality for a much cheaper rate - and if you want the best value, customer satisfaction and loyalty then I would suggest looking at DISH Network.

By Blogger mike_dish, at 3:22 PM  

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