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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

We're number 2! Or maybe 3, or 4, or...

Posted by: Jambo / 3:54 PM

An interesting article on Why South Korea leads the world in stem-cell research.

Yesterday Hwang and his colleagues announced that they are opening a stem-cell library in Seoul. The library, the first of its kind, will create 100 or so cell lines a year to supply the world's scientists. Americans, whose stem-cell investigations have been hampered by Bush administration policies and funding restrictions, are expected to be the bank's best customers.

Used to be that the U.S. was where the world had to come for its advanced research needs. Way to help the trade deficit there George.

As Jose Cibelli, a Michigan State professor who collaborates with Hwang, puts it: "It really helps that every time [Korean scientists] give a talk, they don't have to have an argument about whether an embryo is a person."


The minister of science and technology ranks at the top of the South Korean Cabinet—as high as the secretary of state or treasury in the United States.

In the Bush administration science is, um, less popular. Thanks to W expect to see more and more examples over the coming years of how the U.S. has lost its status as a world leader in all kinds of fields.


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