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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The awful war and post-modern memory

Posted by: Hammer / 9:40 AM

Seems to me that Bob Woodward has claimed to have an audiographic memory. If my memory is correct, Woodward might be in a bit of trouble. Here's why:

This is just bizarre. According to the Washington Post, a "senior administration official" talked to Bob Woodward in mid-June 2003 about Valerie Plame. That's prior to Scooter Libby's conversations with Judith Miller, and therefore marks the earliest date that anyone in the administration talked about Plame to a reporter.

...Did Woodward tell anyone about this conversation back when it happened? He didn't tell his editor, but he says he did tell fellow Post reporter Walter Pincus. Pincus, however, says Woodward is delusional: "Are you kidding?" he says. "I certainly would have remembered that."

This story just gets more and more interesting, especially for those who claim infallible memory before visiting the grand jury.


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