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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Nothing evil here

Posted by: Hammer / 8:24 AM

Slashdot has a note that Google is apparently using Sicko to help boost ad sales:

The New York Times calls Sicko a “cinematic indictment of the American health care system.” The film is generating significant buzz and is sure to spur a lively conversation about health coverage, care, and quality in America. While legislators, litigators, and patient groups are growing excited, others among us are growing anxious. And why wouldn’t they? Moore attacks health insurers, health providers, and pharmaceutical companies by connecting them to isolated and emotional stories of the system at its worst. Moore’s film portrays the industry as money and marketing driven, and fails to show healthcare’s interest in patient well-being and care.

If you Google Sicko you still get appropriate results. The movie trailer, the imdb site, suggestions for Michael Moore links. Plus, you get one paid link for a magazine critical of the film.

Big whoop. That's advertising, baby. I wish we didn't debate public policy in 30 second spots, but we do. There are big bucks in health care advertising dollars. Someone at Google is thinking a little outside the box.

Frankly, I hope there's a lot of anti-Sicko advertising from the big drug companies. Every 30 second ad about Sicko is one less add for boner pills.

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