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Thursday, July 14, 2005


Posted by: Jambo / 2:30 PM

Clever Peasantry and Norwegianity both beat me to the punch (and the kick, and the eye gouge, and the nose twist) today on Minnesota's Worst Writer™. In today's spew her typically awful prose manages to detract even from the nobel intentions of a couple young Minnesotans signing up for the military. KK rightly praises them for the willingness to do what so many members of the 101st Fighting Keyboarders have no intention of doing: sacrifice. But her column reminded me of something from a recent interview she did, the real one, not the fake one linked below. She mentioned that now was a good time for her to be moving to the Strib since the youngest of her 4 kids was about to leave the house. Since she apparently has several children of war fighting age one has to wonder if she has asked any of them to join up in the war she and her friends are so eager to have someone else fight. Lord knows they are unwilling to pay any taxes to support the effort but are any of them less attached to their children than they are to their money? I doubt it, they're only happy to promote the quagmire using other people's kids and other people's money.


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