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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Free trade at work

Posted by: Hammer / 12:11 PM

Sure, we want free trade with the Dominican Republic! We're all about free trade...with tiny countries that can't hurt us economically. The big boys, now, they are a different matter:

Japan has hit back against the US in a spat over a controversial anti-dumping trade law and said it plans to raise import tariffs by 15% on 15 products.

The trigger for the move has been the US's Byrd Amendment, a law that hands out the money collected in anti-dumping levies to the industries most affected.

Japan, along with other nations, challenged the law and the World Trade Organisation (WTO) declared it illegal.

The European Union and Canada already have imposed retaliatory sanctions.

Republicans, see, are in favor of free trade, except when they are against it.

Yes, I know the Byrd Amendment. But Republicans control the government and have chosen to trumpet the virtues of free trade while letting the Byrd Amendment stand.


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