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Friday, January 06, 2006

Can you get up and change the web site? I can't find the remote.

Posted by: Jambo / 11:22 AM

We've been hearing about the coming convergence of computers and TV for what, five, ten years now? Seems like we're hearing about it some more:

Two ascending Internet giants, Google and Yahoo, are to make plain today that they intend to move aggressively beyond the Internet browser and onto the television screen.

The two companies, already the most popular services for searching and organizing the vast information on the World Wide Web, want to perform the same function for television, which will increasingly be delivered over the Internet.


Both Yahoo and Google have emerged as potent threats to television networks because they are drawing ad dollars to their existing sites. And they are poised to cause further disruption if they can establish themselves as major players in advertising on Internet video.

Moreover, Google and Yahoo want to play a role in the emerging market for paid downloads of video programming, a market pioneered in 2005 by Apple Computer, which introduced a video iPod player and video downloads priced at $1.99 from ABC, NBC and other sources.

Kind of cool, I guess, but still a little underwhelming. The same article details some other convergences. This one at least seems kind of useful:
On some Nokia phones, the Yahoo software will automatically synchronize information on the telephone with information stored on Yahoo's Internet site. That means that when users change someone's phone number on Yahoo's site, their phones will automatically be reprogrammed with the new number. Similarly, if they take a photograph with a camera phone, the pictures will automatically be uploaded to Yahoo's photo service. As a result, Yahoo's service can recreate all the information on a new phone if the old one is lost.
Me, I'm still waiting for my refrigerator to tell me I need to buy milk. (Or better yet warn of impending disaster, like the time The Squid and I left an open can of bean dip in or mini-fridge in the dorm over winter break when they turn the power off. Man, when we opened that thing a month later it looked like someone had stuffed a fur coat in there.)


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