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Monday, August 29, 2005

Silver Ring Thing funding suspended

Posted by: Hammer / 12:12 PM

The Bush administration has suspended a $75,000 grant supporting the Silver Ring Thing abstinence program. The ACLU had filed suit, alleging that the a simple covenant "before God Almighty" and a ring inscribed with a portion of a Bible verse was an inappropriate promotion of Christianity.

Well, duh. The Religiously Correct, of course, see no problem with the promotion of Christianity in public schools. In fact, that's largely their answer to everything. Agape:

Federal regulations prohibit groups that receive U.S. government funding from engaging in "religious instruction or proselytization" and requires those groups that do engage in such religious activities to keep them separate from their programs that are federally funded. The ACLU suit challenges the constitutionality of the abstinence program on these grounds, alleging that SRT fails to adequately separate religious components from its abstinence message.

Attorney Mat Staver is president of Liberty Counsel, a legal firm that represents the people behind SRT. He freely acknowledges that part of the group's mission is decidedly Christian, and says that, in fact, is what makes the abstinence program a "viable and effective" ministry.

Viable and effective? Back in May, we calculated that it cost over $1,000 to get one student to sign the pledge. I think they'd have more like handing out iPods.


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