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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Empty Suit Thursday: He is the brute squad

Posted by: Hammer / 5:27 PM

The White House named Sen. Smilin' Norm Coleman (R-MN) to the brute squad this week. Smilin' Norm told the Minnesota papers it didn't mean anything, then immediately set about defending one of the White House's most honorable men. The blogosphere noted the ugliness. The Minnesota DFL helpfully reminds us that Smilin' Norm chairs the Senate's committee on investigations, the very body that ought to be looking into this serious abuse of power. The DSCC reminds us that Karl Rove hand-picked Coleman for the Senate seat, so Coleman owes him a personal debt. (Thanks to Patrick at Minnesota Republican Watch for the last two items.)

The rest of this week's Smilin' Norm Coleman news:


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